Brand materials / Editorial


Brand materials / Editorial


Brand materials / Editorial


Avincis Wines is a continuation of a family tradition, but also the much richer and older tradition of the Romanian Dragasani vineyard, a project wich is centered on the viticultural and oenological dimension. Avincis is the symbol of rebirth for the Romanian wine, under the sign of tradition and modernity.

Taking a minimalist, fresh approach to the design, the result is a suite of visuals that effectively express the Avincis brand, and a unified, flexible system that supports future growth.

Designed in collaboration with TailorAd

01 Avincis mockup – carti de vizita
02c Avincis mockup – flyer
02d Avincis mockup – flyer
02b Avincis mockup – flyer
03 Avincis mockup – mapa
03b Avincis mockup – mapa
04 Avincis mockup – brosura
04c Avincis mockup – brosura
04d Avincis mockup – brosura
04e Avincis mockup – brosura
04b Avincis mockup – brosura

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